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Spilling some beans..on Spill the Beans

February 15, 2010

Spill the Beans Invitations is the newest creative endeavor that we’ve embarked on.

From Kari’s POV:
Emily and I met many, many moons ago when we were attending school–maybe in 6th grade or 7th grade?  Apparently I haven’t been counting…  Anywho, we’ve known each other since training bras and braces.  I have always admired Emily’s creative tendencies and her ability to carry on an intelligent conversations even if they’re about weird sounds (like the sound “ch”).  So, naturally, when I inadvertently became mildly outrageously obsessed with all things wedding and all things paper, I started talking about owning a wedding related business (I’m an entrepreneur at heart and by degree, but not in practice–sigh).  Emily mentioned to me her genius idea of never having to work 8 to 5 and owning an online invitation business.  I was so, so sold. 

Emily’s POV:
Kari explained how we know each other, so I suppose it falls to me to explain where Spill the Beans originated! For as long as I can remember, I have been creating ideas for businesses. My problem is putting those ideas into action. A few years ago, a thought suddenly struck me…ONLINE INVITES! In a rush of creativity, I sketched out the entire website. As per usual, the idea immediately went in the “to be developed” pile (i.e. the stack of notebooks I have sitting in my closet) where it would have forever rested in peace were it not for Kari. We both loved the idea of being our own bosses in a job that would be tons of fun! The actual concept of Spill the Beans has been marinating for awhile now, but we’ve gotten this far and we don’t have any plans of slowing down now!

Now we have a blog, a name, and something to write about.  Who knows when we’ll actually have a product to deliver, but for now we have this blog, this idea, and this creative outlet.  Hopefully the future catches up with us pretty quickly!

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