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February 16, 2010

So, rather than throw another ‘it’s-all-about-us-and-how-cool-we-are’ post at you, I thought I’d show you some recent paper projects I’ve cranked out.  More specifically, one of my nearest and dearest’s baby shower invitations (the shower was a great time, too!!).

These invitations are a combination of letterpress and inkjet printing on cotton paper.  The first page is letterpress in aqua and red.  There really isn’t a font to quote for the “girl” wording because it’s a premade printing plate.

The second page is inkjet printing in red with fonts from (Leaf in aqua and Learning Curve in red). 

Sorry for the shadows and blurry type–there’s a lot of info on this sucker AND I’m still getting the hang of taking decent pictures (I’m creative, but definitely not with a camera–any offers on free photography?!)

Lastly, the third page was a map that I created in Microsoft Visio.  My favorite part is the little street signs!

Again, sorry for the blurry and shadowy photography.  I’ll try harder next time!!

Ok, so when the invitees opened their invites, here’s what they saw..

The back of the envelopes..

I made little red and while polka dot 1 1/2″ labels that said “Celebrate!” on them and stuck them to the back for a little bit of excitement..

Finally, after opening the envelope…

I’d like to point out that if you’ve never laid your touchy-feely fingers on a sheet of letterpressed deliciousness, you should try to do that as soon as you can. 

I should also mention that the invites were sewn together with a zig zag stitch on the left-hand gutter.

Check back tomorrow for a post about yours truly and the bee’s knees–also known as Emily!! 

P.S. don’t be scared to comment–we like to talk!!!


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