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Why ‘Spill the Beans’?

February 19, 2010

Since we’ve told you about how Spill the Beans Invites came to be and who we are (plus some extra stuff), maybe we should tell you how we chose the name “Spill the Beans Invites”.

During the initial phases of dreaming up this project, Emily was set on providing a greener solution to wedding invitations.  Instead of printing hundreds of sheets of paper that inevitably find themselves in a landfill, she was thinking about utilizing the world wide web in a fashionable, non-tacky way and providing a service that sends and collects data for brides-to-be.  Initially she wanted to call this business something with the two words ‘green’ and ‘wedding’ in the title. 

We did some searching and researching and discovered that most of the domains containing those words were either taken or just weren’t what we were looking for.

So, the concept started to evolve. 

While Emily was concerned about saving the environment, I began wondering what kind of etiquette rules an e-mailed wedding invitation would violate.  Also, as you all know by now, I’m obsessed with paper, so eliminating the tangibility of a paper invite had me a little perplexed.

I don’t know how many months ago it was that we started this journey, but after conversations and lots of Facebook messages, we’ve gotten a little bit away from the all-digital invitation and more into providing both paper and digital invitations.

Once we decided that eliminating paper may not be the best route, we also concluded that we didn’t just have to focus on weddings.  If we included the word ‘wedding’ in the title of our invitation business, we felt like we would be stuck serving only that network of consumers.

For my entrepreneurial heart, that was pretty shattering.  

So we were back to square one–hardly a concept and now no name.

We decided that having a name was probably the first step to take, so that we could visualize and conceptualize and have something to look forward to.

We spent more weeks and months trying to come up with something that 1. there was a readily available web domain for and 2. we both thought fit us and our future business.

Emily and I tend to use a lot of catch phrases and can be pretty witty when we want to be, so when I thought, “oh, someone spilled the beans on that one!” to myself one morning, it was also one of those cartoon iconic moments when the lightbulb came glaring on above my head.

I think that I sent Emily a message that said something like, “Dear Beez, what do you think of Spill the Beans?  It’s perfect.  Right? ……………. Oh, damn.  The domain is taken.  Boo.  Back to the drawing board.”

Ok, it might’ve been a little more involved than that, but you get the gist of the emotion.

Yes, there is a out there and I have no idea what it is or what they do, but I do know they beat me to it and that wasn’t what I wanted.

Another month or two went by and I made other suggestions and both Emily and I were still stuck on Spill the Beans. 

When I realized that neither of us would ever feel so penetrated by another name, I knew I had to make it work.  I think Emily did, too, because she had been doing the same research I had been doing.

When we discovered that spillthebeansinvites was a domain we could snag, it took about one e-mail (maybe even one sentence) for us to hit the ground running.  On February 9, 2010, I registered  Eventually we’ll drop the wordpress and add a shop to our little site, but for now, it’s a beginning. 

We feel like it’s the perfect fit for us and our concepts and dreams.  Here’s hoping the next few months fly by so that we can really get going on this!!!

P.S. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get personalized stationery to “spill the beans” about all your exciting news in your life!?!

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