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Paper Obsession

February 24, 2010

Some people are addicted to caffeine…or crack.

Me, I’m addicted to paper.  Especially any solid sheet of paper that is shimmery or cottony or has a linen texture.  Basically any paper that isn’t normal printer paper (although I do love me some white paper, too).

See this?

It might not look like much in this picture, but it’s 100% cotton card stock–the paper that letterpress dreams are made of!  Click here if you wanna see the deets.

See this?

Hopefully if your screen is cleaner than mine, you can see the texure in that picture–it’s linen paper.  It’s a popular paper to use for invitations because it’s affordable, you can print on it, and it’s still got some texture.  My wedding invitations were printed on ivory linen paper…and I even bought some of this paper to make the little detail cards for the inside.  I highly recommend it if linen paper makes you swoon like it does me.  On this particular website it comes in bright white, natural cream, lively ivory, sky blue, light gray, mauve, ponderosa pine, red pepper, blazer blue, epic black, dark brown, olive green, dandelion yellow, red wine, metallic white, metallic cream, metallic gold, and recycled bright white. 

Mmmm…a metallic linen paper…sounds like something only in my dreams! 

See this?

This is stardream paper.  Appropriately named, no?  It shimmers.  Need I say more?  Check it out here.

So these are truly my three types of go-to paper when I’m making invitations.  I prefer texture and something that makes my little heart race.

A few places I like to shop for paper (because Wal-marts and Tarjay just don’t have everything I need..) are:

Paper Source
Paper and More

Do you have any paper obsessions??  What paper makes you swoon?

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