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Impressions: Part One

February 25, 2010

I want to talk about the impressions that you get when you order anything letterpressed.  Not only do you get impressed paper (and by impressed I mean debossed or pressed into the paper rather than EMbossing which raises the paper), but you get an overall sense of someone-put-some-effort-into-this. 

Designing letterpressed invitations isn’t simple, nor is the actual letterpress process.  Rather than bore you (this time) with letterpress how-to’s (cause you know I want to), I thought I’d show you some of the best (in my opinion).  I’m going to start with one of my favorites…

Elum Designs

They really know what they’re doing.  Check out their website to see more designs, stationery options, and other types of invitations!

This one could easily be my favorite.  I love the colors.  Just a side note–when a piece of paper is letterpressed, it is put through the machine one time for every color–basically, you can’t do more than one color at a time on a normal letterpress–so when you have the desire to have multiple colors, your costs will go up dramatically.

This one makes me swoon.  It’s so classy looking. 

This one is called Neopolitan–appropriate, no?

This one is fun!!  But from what I can count, it’s at least 4 colors…pricey!

This one looks like something I would doodle in a notebook–only prettier and with a lot more structure.  I think it’s really romantic looking.

This one would be fantastic for a garden wedding!  It looks like a bouquet of flowers toppled over and onto the paper…delicious!

This one gives you a great perspective.  See those lines?  No ink.  It’s just the plate pressed into the paper to give the impression.  Doesn’t it look just perfect?  I could see a couple of engineers really being excited about these straight lines!

Check back tomorrow for part two–Ceci New York!

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