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Impressions: Part Two

February 26, 2010

It’s another day of letterpress here at Spill the Beans!

Today’s vendor is Ceci New York.  I’ll let her work speak for itself…

Look at all that detail!

This one reminds me of a weeping willow tree! 

This one reminds me a lot of what is popular right now.  Throw this design on a sheet of hot pink or red paper and you have about 50% of the weddings last year!  That fact, however, does not change that this set is absolutely stunning–especially on the aqua paper!

This one is very sweet looking.

For anyone having a rose-filled, romantic set wedding, these would be fantastic.  Seriously.

I ADORE this set.  It’s so different, but so incredible.  I love the colors, the details, and the bravery.  I also love that it’s different.

I saw this set a long, long time ago…long before I was entirely obsessed and I think this might’ve contributed to my obsession with paper.  Seriously, if you get a change, go to the website and look for this set!  It’s part of her couture line and it’s just fantastic.  It’s personal, brave, exciting, and perfect.

This one has lots of lacey accents on it and it’s so sweet!

I like that this one isn’t over done.  It’s sweet and modern and centered.  I like it.

Ceci New York also has a line of fine stationery and if you’re a blog follower, sometimes you’ll be able to find awesome give aways where you can get a set of her invitations for cheaper than you’d ever think!!

I’m not sure who I’ll showcase next, but it’ll be just as great as Elum and Ceci New York!

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