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Showered by Shimmer

March 2, 2010

I’ve been throwing a lot of showers recently.  One of which was for my dearest cousin, Megan, who is getting married in Mexico in about 3 weeks.  I suggested that she let me exercise my creative tendencies and fabricate the invitations myself.  Luckily, we have similar taste and she trusts my judgement, so she was on board.

I had to make 50 invitations.  So, I bought 50 blacker-than-black envelopes, two packages of 25-sheets-each 105 lb. gold stardream cardstock, and one package of 25-sheets-each text weight crystal stardream paper.  It was a shimmery paper party in my mailbox when I received the package!

I have to admit that the design of the invitation isn’t entirely my own.  I found something similar on Etsy (although it was a pdf file rather than layered paper..and I have no idea who the seller was otherwise I’d link you to the source), but I loved the simplicity of it and thought I could tweak it to work for us.

Megan was a huge help for me in this process because she did all of the corner rounding, stamping, and kept me company while I crafted my little heart out.

Here’s how they turned out (and sorry for the blurring…I didn’t make a fake invite to show online)

Megan also put herself to work stamping the bottom corners of the invites as well as the envelopes..

In the midst of the paper excitement, I realized I overlooked one super important factor.  How was I going to print on those black envelopes?!?

Well, that led to a late night trip to the Wal-Marts for something sticky and preferably white.  After snatching up a package of labels we made our way back to the scrapbooking area.  I don’t know if it was the adrenaline or the caffeine, but some light bulb turned on and I realized we didn’t need those plain ugly white labels, we needed a Xyron!  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, a Xyron is a sticker maker.

So, $20 and 15 minutes later, we set out to make labels out of the crystal stardream paper and subsequently turned them into stickers and used them for labels on the black envelopes.  Talk about a happy ending! 

The invitations turned out better than we could’ve hoped and for being one of my first massive invitation projects I think it was a smashing success!

To make these invitations here’s what you need:
A good printer (mine is a Kodak and I highly recommend it!  It printed like a champ on the 105 lb cardstock where as most inkjets won’t have anything to do with paper that weight!)
Glue dots–I think we used 2 per invite
A7 sized envelopes
8.5×11 105 lb cardstock (cut into 5×7 rectangles–you’ll get 2 per sheet)
8.5×11 text weight paper (I printed 4 blocks of text per sheet)
Fonts–Freebooter Script and Candara (already loaded on Microsoft Office applications)
A stamp of your choice and ink
A corner rounding punch

I already owned most of these items, so really all I had to buy was the paper and the envelopes which turned out to be about $45! 

Check back tomorrow for a post on what we did for her thank you cards!!

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