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Going Digital

March 4, 2010

Emily and I originally wanted to offer a line of all-digital invitations–specifically wedding invitations.  So, in this post I’m going to outline some of the pros and cons of sending digital invitations and why we think it just might work..


-It’s cheap.  Plain and simple.  There’s no paper, no waste, no postage.
-There’s no paper involved, so no ink and no dead trees.
-It’s simple.
-Invitees can RSVP via the world wide web.
-It can be as complex or simple as the customer wants it to be.
-It doesn’t get food stains on it when you leave it on the kitchen counter (not that I would know anything about that…).


-It’s less formal.
-It’s easy to get caught up in a SPAM filter.
-There’s nothing tangible so it might not hold the same value that a paper invitation would.
-Someone might read it and not know what they’re reading and just delete it.
-It’s not mainstream…yet.

Those are a few off the top of my head.

So, would you send out digital invitations?  Why or why not?  And to what events would you utilize them?

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