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Green Paper

March 5, 2010

No, not paper that mimics Kermit the Frog, I’m talking about paper that is good for the environment.

Yesterday I talked about digital invitations as an option to bypass hurting Mother Earth and saving a few trees–or essentially, going green.

There are other ways to go green when it comes to invitations.  Some vendors offer organic cotton paper, paper that you can plant and has seeds in it so beautiful flowers grow from it when it lands in a landfill, and even paper that is derived from other recycled ingredients.

Typically ‘green’ paper has a recycled look to it–it can be grainy and have some texture that may remind you of when you ironed tree leaves in the second grade or what the grain of a brown paper bag looks like. 

Here’s an example of what handmade recycled paper looks like:

This example is from Twisted Limb Paper.

When you’re considering going green for you wedding–or any other event for that matter–look into recycled paper to help reduce your carbon footprint!

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