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Post Office Conundrums

March 9, 2010

I’ll be honest, going to the post office is one of my very least favorite things to do.  The employees are typically rude for whatever reason, there’s always a line which inevitably leaves me waiting for at least 15 minutes, and I just flat-out prefer to not deal with traffic if I can avoid it.

So, in an effort to alleviate some of your frustrations when you opt to mail large amounts of invitations or what-have-you, I’m going to give you a few tips based on things I’ve learned…

Take your mail to the post office and have them weigh it to make sure you have enough postage!  This is crucial!  If you don’t have enough postage, your invitations come back ugly and can even have some side note stamped on them ruining their outer shell (and who wants to redo that many envelopes plus waste the already adhered postage?!).

I’m all about saving a dollar when I can, so making sure you have the correct postage makes sure that you also don’t over do the postage.  Who wants to throw on another 44 cents/envelope if you’re not positive that you absolutely need it?  Just don’t do it!

If, like me, you have pretty outsides of your invitations (or a wax seal like I had), you can opt to hand cancel your invitations instead of having them sent through a machine.  Do this if you can.  It’s free and I wish I would’ve known about it when I was mailing all of the invitations I’ve mailed that I insisted would get damaged in the mail (by the way, I was right thankyouverymuch).

If you’re mailing a large amount of items, don’t attempt to cram them in your mailbox Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett style.  Take your pretty paper items to a post office and drop them in a large slot there.  I feel safe doing this because the box is on the post office property so there’s no way they could miss checking this box, it doesn’t overwhelm the postal carrier who trudge around in their little already-filled-to-the-brim cart, and you can rest easy at night knowing you did the right thing for your pretty paper goods.

Lastly, know that once they hit the mail man’s stoop you cannot have any control over them (unless you purchase insurance or purchase delivery confirmations, etc. but who does that on large quantity items??!) and you have to leave your faith in the mail man and his system.  So far, this has failed me very few times.  So few times that I’m not sure I can come up with one time that I’ve ever had a problem with my mail not reaching its destination.

Trips to the post office don’t have to be scary…unless the post office you visit happens to be the one assigned to my zip code.  If that’s the case, I suggest you move.  Seriously.

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