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Giving Thanks

March 15, 2010

I’m going to jump back on my etiquette bandwagon today and talk about giving thanks.

There are times in our lives where thanking those who thought of us really deserve more than a simple verbal “thank you”.  Typically those times include post job interviews and anytime you receive a gift from someone (I know, there’s a lot more, but it’s 8:22 on Monday morning and let’s face it, my brain isn’t awake yet). 

Let’s pretend this isn’t a daunting task.  I don’t want to dwell on that.  We all know the reality is that coming up with something that translates to genuine and still gets the job done, oh and doesn’t give you carpal tunnel, isn’t always on the top of your favorite things to do list.  But if you ever want these people to have nice things to say behind your back, send them a thank you.

Thank you cards can be just as fun as any other stationery!  I like to think of them as a way to really take a moment and spend 30 seconds on someone who probably spent at least 30 minutes on you (cause getting in the car, driving to a store, and then deciding what to buy you is NOT a 5 minute ordeal, people).  So, now that you have the proper perspective on giving thanks, here’s a few pointers on what to do, what not to do, and even how to make it a fun process.

First, let’s talk about the Don’ts:

-Don’t start off by thinking, “Crud, I have 57,000 of these to hand-write out.  I think I’ll turn on the TV and just watch TV.”  (I don’t think I need to explain why this is a bad way to begin)
-Don’t get too caught up in the words–just be sure it says thank you somewhere.
-Don’t JUST write Thank You.
-DON’T procrastinate.  Emily and I decided that 3-4 months is a decent amount of time to write out all of your thank yous after a wedding.  I slacked and it was a good 6 months for me, but my excuse is I moved and I lost my thank you cards multiple times–don’t be me!

Ok, let’s talk about what you should Do:

-Be genuine.  If they gave you a toaster, be grateful that you can now effectively toast your favorite kind of bread–let them know you like toasted bread.
-Write a sentence or two.  Let them know that you’re taking the time to really think about how grateful you are that they sent you a gift.
-Keep track of who you’re writing to.  I say this because nearly every person that sent me a wedding gift got at least two thank yous–me=bad organizer.
-Be timely.  If your bridal shower was two weeks ago and you haven’t even thought about thank yous yet, get your hiney to Target and buy some thank yous and get them in the mail!  Otherwise you’ll have bridal shower thank yous, wedding thank yous, and everything else to deal with! 
-Have fun with them.  How??….keep reading!

How to have fun with giving thanks…

-Pick a thank you card that just makes you smile.  My bridal shower thank yous had some laser cut outs and texture, so just looking at them made me smile.  My wedding thank yous were a picture of me and my husband smiling–that made me smile.
-Think about the excitement you experienced when you opened the gift the person gave you (or the excitement you’ll get in taking it back if that’s the case!)
-Be creative.  Creativity is the fountain of youth, ya’ll.  It keeps your brain young and energized.
-Lastly, turn on your favorite music or TV show so that you have some really happy background noise to keep you in a good mood!

And since this is SUCH a wordy post, here’s some pictures..

This is me and my husband on our wedding day.  This wasn’t our thank you, but it was one of our options!  I’m saving the real deal for another post 🙂

You can find this cute thank you card at Target.

You can find this cutie on Etsy.

So, don’t be scared of giving thanks–it really can be a fun time if you make it that way!!

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