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A Sign

March 30, 2010

So now that everyone knows I was away from my computer for a couple of days (Beez posted last Thursday and Friday for me–hooray for having the best in the world person to lean on!), I’ll let you in on what I was doing. 

My cousin got married.  In Mexico.  It was beautiful.  Seriously, I envy the ease, beauty, and elegance of her wedding. 

On the day before the wedding I realized that as her “planner” I had dropped the ball on a very important-to-her detail.  I’d promised her a “thank you” sign for her wedding thank you cards.

So in the darkness of the night before my 5 AM flight to Cancun, I painted and glued my little heart out.

Here’s what the photo came out to look like:

I’m not sure if this is the picture they’ll choose (in fact, I’m about 99% sure this isn’t the picture they’ll choose), at any rate,  isn’t it fabulous?!  The thank you sign does its job and aren’t they the best looking couple around?

The photo will be printed on the front of a postcard so that our enormous family can see a picture of the beauty that was their wedding.

Side note: Megan and Shawn, congrats to you!!!  I’m so glad that I was able to share your day with you!

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