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Swirly Writing

March 31, 2010

I like to call it swirly writing because frankly, my handwriting is nothing to be excited about and anyone that can make some swirls look like a pretty masterpiece just takes the cake in my book.  Calligraphers take their penmanship to the next level and turn it into art.

In the event that like me you have less-than-perfect handwriting (and a temperamental printer) and calligraphy is something you might want to consider.  It’s not cheap, but it sure is beautiful.

See, isn’t it so pretty?

I think my favorite is style three.

In the event that calligraphy is right up your alley, you can check places like Etsy to find a calligrapher to help you out.  Just do your homework and check references–envelopes aren’t cheap!

All of these designs are by dpaulette.

Also, be sure to have your guest list in its entirety complete and ready to go when you send it to the calligrapher.  You don’t want to be the cause of the hold up on your own invitations hitting the mailbox!

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