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Refreshments Served Very Promptly

April 1, 2010

As I was doing my morning stroll through the interwebs I came across an article about RSVP etiquette that made me giggle.  It’s no secret that RSVPs (or lack there of) frustrate hostesses and brides.  So, here’s a list of RSVP commandments for those of you who are curious what not to do.

12 things RSVP does not mean:

  • Reply if you want to
  • Reply if you feel like it
  • Reply when you get around to it
  • Refreshments Served Very Promptly
  • I’m waiting to see if something better comes up for that date and time
  • Throw the invitation in a pile and forget about it.
  • Respond only if you’re not coming
  • Respond the day of the party
  • Respond and then fail to show up
  • “Maybe” is not an acceptable reply
  • I’m family so of course I’m coming, why should I call?
  • And it most certainly does not mean show up with extra guests
  • Source 

    I think my personal favorite is “Refreshments Served Very Promptly”.

    Hopefully you get a giggle out of this list and maybe even a lesson in etiquette while you’re at it.

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    1. Emily permalink
      April 1, 2010 9:08 AM

      Funny! RSVP’s are not my fave. As a hostess, I am continually frustrated by people who don’t respond to let me know they are coming, but as an invitee, I hate having to call and (sometimes) talk to someone I don’t know. It’s awkward! Surely there is some happy medium here that we haven’t found yet?! RSVP by email or text maybe? 🙂

    2. April 1, 2010 9:25 AM

      On all of my invitations I’ve been making lately I’ve been putting my e-mail and phone number on there. Personally, I loathe talking on the phone, so e-mail works LOTS better for me! I haven’t said anything about texting, but I think that would be totally appropriate as well. A hostess just wants to know if you’re coming, yo!

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