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The Final Product

April 12, 2010

So, do you remember that post of the graphic I made?  No?  Click here to refresh your memory.

Ok, that happy little graphic turned itself into an invitation (with a little help from me and my textbook-sized laptop).

Here it is…

This is page one of three.  I inserted the graphic as an image in Word 2007 and added “You’re Invited!” (font–Vivaldi) to the opening in the image via a text box.  Super elementary!

Here’s a view of all three pages.

Since the event was yesterday, I feel it’s ok to post this now.  However, please don’t call me, but do e-mail me if you wish!  Also, don’t try to go to the venue–no one lives there and they won’t let you in unless you’re a member.  🙂

What invitation would be complete without a map?  Here’s the ‘how to get there’ sheet.

Lastly, check out the pretty envelope!  I made custom labels on pearl stardream paper and stuck them to these cherry colored stardream envelopes.  I have to say, the envelopes might be my favorite part.

Oh, and the budget.  I spent about $3 on these.  I already had the cardstock and the brads to hold the paper together.  The envelopes were on clearance at Christmas time, so they were about $3 and worth every cent!

In case you’re wondering, the shower was a huge success–congratulations to Holly!

So, what do you think?  Would you have done them differently?

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