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May 21, 2010

Ok, folks, here’s some reality.

I’m in the process of redesigning my home office (complete with 32″ monitor for invitation designing–drool!) to better accommodate my business ventures.  Also, as soon as that concludes, I intend to draw up our first line of professional invitations!  With the help of my husband, the cable guy, and most importantly The Beez, I’ll be hard at work greasing the wheels of this venture.

Until I complete this project (expect posts with pretty pictures!), I intend to continue with the HLS feature on the blog and make as many behind the scenes upgrades and transitions that I can before we launch a full on line of invitations!

So, check back later today for an HLS post (btw, readers, whenever you find your own invitation suite that you absolutely fawn over, send it my way and I just might feature YOUR pick on the HLS of the week!!)

For now, here’s a picture or three of what my home office already looks like….

There have already been some BIG changes (the afore-mentioned 32″ monitor is already hanging on the wall!), but it’s not quite ready just yet!!

P.S. The overall look of the room will not change–just the functionality!

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