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A different kind of ‘paper’

July 23, 2010

Hang on a minute, I’m caught up in some cobwebs over here…

Sheesh, it’s been quiet around these parts, no?!

Well, there’s a good excuse (if you ask me)….

Despite life and its goings-on, I’ve been working on a different kind of paper. 

This specific paper is the conclusion to my higher education career (I hope). This paper brings every ounce of research I’ve done in the last two years (on this topic) to a centralized location and spills it out in highly grammatically-correct APA formatting.

This paper also counts as the longest piece of academic writing I’ve ever done. While I’m completely uncomfortable posting it as it is still in rough draft format (and honestly, I don’t expect anyone to care much about the topic*), I will post a few screen shots of the title page and table of contents just to prove that this girl can write a page or 31.

So, here’s the title page:

There’s some editted content, yeah, and it won’t be italicized in the final paper, but you get it.

Now, here’s the table of contents…

and page two of the table of contents:

Yeah, it’s not a long paper in terms of thesis projects, but the point is that it’s time consuming. It’s brain consuming.

If you head back up to the title page you’ll see the date “August 25, 2010”. That’s D-day, ya’ll. That’s the day I turn this project in and kiss higher education goodbye.

So, until then, I’ll try to keep the cobwebs to a minimum, but no promises.  Many days of editting and presentation prep await me!

*If you ARE interested in the topic, let me know and I will be happy to send you a .PDF file of the final product AFTER August 25.

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