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Strollin’ on in…

October 19, 2010

So, over the weekend, my dearest cousin and I threw a shower for one of our greatest friends.

Her name is Danielle.

Just a few months ago I planned her wedding.

Now, we’re settling her in to welcome her new baby boy.

Naturally, I hand crafted the invitations for our little celebration.

For once, I didn’t allow for any person’s opinion outside my own (although I did ask my cousin–the other hostess–what she thought of the graphic before designing the whole thing).  I decided that I wanted it to have a fun feel with a vintage flare. 

I’m pretty positive that I accomplished that.

The color of the green paper is “limeade” and the invitation is printed on text-weight crystal stardream paper.  It was a really, really fun combo.

I also got creative with the envelopes (do I ever skip that part?!) and added the same graphic in the same location.

Overall, I’m more than thrilled with how these came out! 

If you’re planning a baby shower or want baby announcements, please contact us at to discuss pricing, quantity, and design!!

All colors, combos, and papers are available!


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