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HLS: Eight!

May 28, 2010

It’s no surprise that I enjoy simple lines, fun fonts, textured paper, and earthy elements.  However, did you know that I also really love a good brocade pattern or two?! 

Like this:

I like the combination of the monogram+graphic laid over the brocade/damask pattern!  It really breaks it up!

I also like when there’s a sense of cohesion..

See?  There’s some serious cohesion here.  But it’s not all matchy, matchy which can tend to be a little boring.

The whole suite is pretty!

And, not to leave anything out, the RSVP still carries on the theme of the rest of the suite!

For more information about this design and it’s maker, click here!


Sometimes I Forget..

May 28, 2010

Last Friday I forgot the HLS…oops!  SO, today you get two posts….one HLS, one “what I’ve been doin”.

This is the “what I’ve been doin” post.

My mom instant messaged me a few days ago and requested an ALL black invitation for my aunt’s surprise 50th birthday party (note: family, if you’re reading this, pay special attention to the SURPRISE part).  After explaining to my mom what the result of an all-black invitation would be (I don’t print with opaque ink, so basically it’d be black and that’s it–no text), I came up with this and she’s pretty happy with it…

Sorry for blocking out some of the info…I promise I’m better at formatting that this appears!  I just don’t want random bloggies to show up at my mommy’s house expecting grub and cake–you understand 🙂

These will be tucked into black envelopes that we’ll write addresses on with gold ink.  Also, I’m making a map and I’ll post images of that once I have it done!

Happy Friday!!  HLS coming in a bit!

Regular Posting to Hault.

May 21, 2010

Ok, folks, here’s some reality.

I’m in the process of redesigning my home office (complete with 32″ monitor for invitation designing–drool!) to better accommodate my business ventures.  Also, as soon as that concludes, I intend to draw up our first line of professional invitations!  With the help of my husband, the cable guy, and most importantly The Beez, I’ll be hard at work greasing the wheels of this venture.

Until I complete this project (expect posts with pretty pictures!), I intend to continue with the HLS feature on the blog and make as many behind the scenes upgrades and transitions that I can before we launch a full on line of invitations!

So, check back later today for an HLS post (btw, readers, whenever you find your own invitation suite that you absolutely fawn over, send it my way and I just might feature YOUR pick on the HLS of the week!!)

For now, here’s a picture or three of what my home office already looks like….

There have already been some BIG changes (the afore-mentioned 32″ monitor is already hanging on the wall!), but it’s not quite ready just yet!!

P.S. The overall look of the room will not change–just the functionality!

What I’ve Been Working On…

May 18, 2010

Yes, folks, I have been working…just not on the blog!

In fact, I’ve been working more than I have in my entire life if you can imagine that!

Less than a month ago I became the sole wedding planner for a hurry-it-up-get-it-done-now wedding.  With that came invitations, decoration making, cake making, floral arranging, and just flat-out insanity.

However, this wedding insanity has stemmed the beginning of the happiest time in my career life.  I’ve really enjoyed myself.

So, since the big day is not quite here yet, I’m not going to unveil the invitations just yet, BUT I will tell you that the big day is a mere hop-skip-and-jump away and you won’t have to wait long to see how things unfold! 

Until then, here’s a sneak peek at what I designed!

For the record, that’s metallics AND linen in that box of heaven!!!


May 14, 2010

Well, it’s week seven of this whole HLS adventure and today’s pick does not disappoint!

In fact, I was surprised to learn that the creator of this invitation is based in Kansas!  That’s just cool!

Anyhow, here’s her amazing work…

Ok, so it’s printed on linen paper, it has birds and trees on it, the reply card is perforated, and there are eyelets holding this amazing little paper pleaser together!  It’s just awesome.

Click here for more info!

Map Quest(ion)

May 12, 2010

I’m in the process of finishing up a round of wedding invitations for a wedding that I’m planning, and I got to thinking….

Of all the invitations you’ve received with a map (I know that might not be many, but go with it), have you found them to be helpful?

I made this map for the wedding:

It’s not intricate, but it does the job.

What do you think–map or no map?  If you could have one included in an invitation suite without extra cost, would you still want it?  Or would you pay for this if it were an extra option?

Or does your GPS/Google Map do the job just fine?

I Digress..

May 10, 2010

Have you noticed my posting has been lighter lately?  Well, in the event that you have, I’d like to explain.

I mentioned to Emily that I feel like my posts don’t have much depth.  So after our discussion, it was decided that posting would be reduced to three times per week.  So far this hasn’t really created much meaningful posting on my part (sorry!), but here’s hoping that future posts really have a message for our readers.

Ok, now that I’ve got the formalities out of the way, I’m going to digress from regular paper-talk posting today.

I want to show you another form of artwork.


Seriously, you NEED to look at this guy’s work.  It just might take your breath away.

The photographer I’m talking about is Carl Zoch.   He’s based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He was the photographer for a wedding I attended this weekend and just watching him work was priceless.  I’ve never seen a photographer with such fantastic reflexes and I cannot wait to see what all he captured of the bride and groom’s big day!!

So, in case you don’t believe me, here’s some proof…

So perfect.