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It’s All Fun & Games!

April 15, 2010

The best part?  No one got hurt.

I finally took pictures of the game cards that I made.

We played three games, but I only have the remnants of 2 of the games because we used the paper from the other one–oops.

The first game–and consequently the one I don’t have pictures of–was super fun.  Since I made dessert after dessert for the shower, I made a dessert themed game to go along.  We stuck a label (made with my handy-dandy Xyron!) with a dessert name on the back of each guest.  Their mission was to ask yes or no questions to try to find out what their dessert was.  The winner was “snickerdoodle” and the bride was “devil’s food cake”–appropriate! 

Anyway, the first game was a “guess how many” game….I found a little apothecary jar and filled it with 58 strawberry whoppers.  Why 58?  Because Holly says “I do” on 5-8.  Clever, no?  Anyway, I made a little rules card and then guessing cards for people to write their names and their guess on.

Here’s what it looked like..

The last game was the funnest and the reason for this post.  I made 4.25″x5.5″ (basically I quartered an 8.5″x11″ piece of cardstock) cards that on the front side had the directions of the game and on the back side had five questions for the guests to answer about Holly.

In case you’re wondering, the winning answers were sometimes hysterical (the winner for #2 was ‘meat tenderizer’) and super sweet (Holly’s favorite dessert is brownies).  It was a fun game and I think everyone had a good time with it!!

Next up, I plan on turning all of the game cards (guesses and answered questions) into stickers via the Xyron and putting them into Holly’s memory book that I got for her!  Stay tuned for pictures of that when I get it finished!!

Check back tomorrow for a new Hook, Line, & Sinker!!!

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